Shell’s population ranges somewhere betweeen 75- and 100-thousand, making it the largest city this side of Soft. Much like the rest of the continent, the majority of the populace, about 65%, is Human. Any members of the upper class that are not human are either Deva or Dwarf. There really is no middle class in Shell, if you aren’t upper class, you’re lower class. This large lower class consists mostly of halflings, half-orcs, elves and eladrin.


Aside from the mayoral palace, which has a distinctive dwarven look to it, the buildings in shell appear to have been constructed by humans. The palace sits atop a small plateau, Shell sprawls out down the hillside to the east and south, while if you look to the west, past the Straight of Rendrak, the high walls of the Impasse are barely visible on the horizon. Shell’s large port district makes up the majority of it’s western side. To the south lies the dense forest that houses Hollowthorn. A vast plain stretches out from north and east sides of Shell.


Ever since Shell was reclaimed after the great war hundreds of years ago, it has been ruled by a single mayor. Not a typical mayoral system, Shell’s mayor picks their successor, usually a member of their council or elite guard. The mayor is responsible for all actions of ruling the city, and he appoints the tasks to his council members and high-guard. There have been murmurs recently of Shell switching to a more democratic style of government once it’s current mayor, the dwarf Kroik, no longer holds the title.


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